Gondola Shelving Offers Retailers

The two gondola configurations that match maximum retailing requirements are unmarried-sided and double-sided. The single-sided configuration is designed to be positioned towards a wall for aid on the again facet of the gondola. The double-sided configuration could generally sit down within the middle of a sales ground, thereby dividing the shop into sections suitable for the merchandise sorts.

Gondolas are to be had in three-foot and 4-foot widths with a 24-inch width and a 30-inch width to be had by way of unique order. The two gondola configurations are built of same pieces making the unmarried-sided and the double-sided interchangeable. Heights are to be had starting at 36 inches and may be as high as 96 inches and beyond. Depths start out at eight inches and can be as deep as 30 inches.

An end cap is to be had for the cease of an aisle of gondolas to offer an appealing and useful display. The cease cap is exceptional configured with a single-sided wall phase in a double-back configuration. This configuration can be without problems slid up towards any present aisle of double-sided gondolas and could offer the same power and balance that the same old gondola shelving is known for.

Additionally, flexible pieces referred to as give up frames also are to be had. The stop body mounts onto an present aisle of gondolas with mounting hardware. The give up frame can not preserve almost as a lot weight on the higher shelves as preferred gondolas because the stop body does now not have base shoes immediately connected to it.

The three essential manufacturers of gondola shelving in the US are Lozier, Madix, and Streeter. The Lozier and the Madix are manufactured on the identical simple concept, and most of the components are interchangeable. The upper shelves for the Madix and the Lozier are well matched with either manufacturer, even though they’ll now not align facet with the aid of aspect the equal. To keep away from a mismatch, the equal shelf could without problems be used on a unmarried row to create a uniform appearance. The Streeter emblem of Gondolas are their own design and are not interchangeable with Madix and Lozier. All three are very well synthetic.